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This natural processed coffee comes from the the highlands of the Gedeb district in Yirgacheffe. We have been partial to coffees from Gedeb for many years, finding in them pronounced yellow, orange and, in the case of naturals, purple fruits, along with thyme and lemon balm-like qualities that provide an herbal lift and structure to the cleanly sweetness. While most of our Gedeb coffees are the product of cooperatives, this coffee comes from the washing station of Mijane Woresa.

One of the problems we run into in our green coffee purchasing is seasonality. Strictly speaking, it’s not much of a problem for coffees from the Americas: we plan on roasting our Central American lots in late summer, fall and winter, and then move onto fresh coffees from the Southern Hemisphere in winter, spring and early summer. And as a menu complement, Colombia now produces fresh coffee just about 12 months of the year. Thus, we rarely have a coffee from the Americas more than 6 months old. But Ethiopia is a different animal, as there’s really no substitute for it. It’s also extremely popular–we buy more Ethiopia than any other origin.

With washed coffees, this is generally not a problem, as the types of quality green Ethiopia lots we purchase often stay bright and clean and lively for 12 months or more. But the acceptable shelf life of naturals are sometimes trickier to predict. The nature of the processing itself–the diffusion of direct sunlight during drying, and extending drying time itself–goes a long way to creating stability, but we generally don’t have much reliable information on this sort of thing. Thus, this time of year–when the coffees we’ve purchased have been here for six to eight months–and fresh crop coffees are still months on the horizon–can get a bit dicey. During the winter we have to decide which lots to roast immediately, and which to hold onto, and in spring and early summer, the quality of our predictions and decisions becomes apparent.

All this is to say that we held onto this tiny lot from Worka Sakaro because we thought it had a good chance of holding onto much of its integrity, and we are extremely pleased to say that our guess proved correct. It is showing beautifully, with no signs of fade or age. The dry fragrance produces waves of bright purple florals along with cranberry rhubarb compote, and the cup continues in this same vein, with blackberry, black tea, milk chocolate, florals and lots of crispy sweetness.

We don’t have much of this coffee, unfortunately, so grab it while you can!


Location: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe

Elevation: 2000 MASL

Varietal: heirloom

Process: natural dried on raised beds




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