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Thank You



*please note: this coffee must be ordered individually, and sent to an address different from that of the purchaser

There are a number of businesses and organizations providing sustenance to healthcare workers at clinics and hospital break rooms, but we thought we might ask our customers to help us try something a little more localized and personal.

We are grateful for all the nurses and CNAs and physicians and orderlies  who are putting themselves at risk in order to care for those who’ve been infected,  and to keep the hospital system functioning for the rest of us. It’s hard to imagine the stress they are under, and to think that many have to self-quarantine when they go home at the end of a long day makes their efforts all the more remarkable.

If you know a coffee drinker in the healthcare field who is going above and beyond, we invite you to send them a special “Thank You” bag of coffee. It’s got great coffee in it from Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru, roasted to an approachable level, for any palate or preference. We hope that it gives workers a moment of enjoyment before, and fuel for, the grind afterwards. We’ll write your name on the label, so they know who sent them the gift.

We are offering full 2 pound bags for $16. As this is a special offer, and we are subsidizing the cost of the coffee and shipping, orders must be placed individually, one bag per order, sent directly to a recipient with an address different from the cardholder, and cannot be combined with another order. If you’ve got a partner living in your own household who you’d like to get coffee to, drop us a line before you place your order so we can touch base.









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