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Speckled Ax


Ethiopia Suke Quto


This fresh crop washed coffee is certified organic and comes from the the western highlands of Guji.  Suke Quto is as much an idea as it is a washing station and farm.  Its owner, Tesfaye Bekele, who had worked as a governmet recruited the local community’s help in rehabilitating a forest after a fire. They planted trees, and heirloom typica varietals beneath what would grow into a canopy, with the intention of creating an conservation-minded stream of income for the area. There are now 150 small-scale farmers and coffee harvesters who deliver coffee cherry to the washing station, where it is depulped, cleaned and dried on raised beds. SQ’s highest scoring lots–from which our coffee comes–are part of a “red cherry” incentive program created by Trabocca, the importer from whom we purchase the coffee. Extremely high-quality deliveries are rewarded with significant premiums above the already high prices paid for Tesfaye’s coffee.

In the cup: the dry fragrance is floral and bright, and the coffee shows flavors of Meyer lemon, lime, mild stonefruit, tea and milk chocolate. It’s a balanced, clean, refreshing coffee you can drink all day long.


Location: Guji

Elevation: 1900-2200 MASL


Process: extended wet fermentation, washed and dried on raised beds




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