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Ethiopia Sidamo Oromia


This coffee was a bit of a surprise to me. This past season, the large cooperative in Yirgacheffe we have been purchasing the majority of our Ethiopian coffees from lost its organic certification, and so we had to find some new sources of Ethiopian coffee from Sidamo and other areas. This was not much of a problem for estate-grown coffees, but our cooperative-grown possibilities dwindled dramatically. Most of the samples from some of the better-known Sidamo sub-groups were solid but unremarkable, but interestingly enough, this full container lot of grade two Sidamo cupped better than all of them. It’s got what we’d call a pretty classic Sidamo profile, with milk chocolate, soft stonefruits like apricot, round acidity, and good body.



Producer: various smallholders, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Location: Sidamo
Elevation: 1800 MASL (est)
Varietal: heirloom
Process: washed and sun dried



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