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Nicaragua La Santisima


This is a new crop coffee from Mario Vilchez, grown in the Mozonte region of Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua. Mario and his crew have achieved multiple Cup of Excellence placements over the years, but just as signifiantly, the workers at his farms are treated well. Vilchez has employed the same group of pickers for over a decade—no small feat in any coffee growing country, let alone Nicaragua, with its track record of low wages.

Last year we offered a coffee from Sante Gema farm; this year’s offering is a catuai lot from La Santisima, a smaller farm that Mario has owned for more than two decades. In the cup, it’s a coffee that anyone will enjoy, with a gamut of chocolate and brown-toned flavors, very mild red fruits in the background, a round citric acidity that keeps everything harmonious, and lots of sweetness. We are currently using it as our single origin espresso at the retail shop. (19 grams in, 48 grams out)

Location: Mozonte, Nueva Segovia
Elevation: 1300 MASL
Varietal: catuai
Process: washed, dried on raised beds

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