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Honduras El Cedral


Wilson Moreno grows pacas on a hectare in the Cedral area of Santa Barbara; the farm is named after a big cedar that sits in the middle of it. If you know anything about Honduran coffee, the Santa Barbara area, and Beneficio San Vicente, you know that the name Moreno is synonymous with high quality coffee.  There are numerous uncles, aunts and cousins growing coffee on the same hillside, and many of them–like Wilson–have placed in Honduras’ Cup of Excellence. We’ve been buying El Cedral’s entire production for the last three seasons.

Wilson’s coffee this year (and most years, really) is what we would classify as “sneaky killer.” It’s the kind of coffee that you might take a sip of, and think, “Yah, that’s good.” But then after you’ve been sitting with your mug for a few minutes, reading the paper or flicking through Instagram, you take your third sip and it catches you off guard. You look at the cup and think “Dang! This is really good.” It’s supremely balanced, with good body, clean acidity and plenty of sweetness. We’ve also had cups this year seemed more fruited than usual–not overly ripe or tangy, but a yellow peach character accompanying the mild grapefruit acidity and sugar-browning qualities that contributes to its tastiness. You can’t go wrong with El Cedral.

Producer: Wilson Moreno
Location: Santa Barbara
Elevation: 1550 MASL
Varietal: red and yellow bourbon, typica and caturra
Process: washed, patio and raised bed dried


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