wooden kuksa



Sometime last year my instagram feed started getting crushed by a company that sold kuksas, a cup carved out of a solid piece of hardwood. (Maybe you’ve seen their ad posts as well?) Traditionally they have been made by Laplanders in northern Scandinavia; the ones this company was selling came from China. I thought they were cool looking, and liked the idea of a wooden drinking vessel for wood roasted coffee, if only for the novelty. So, I contacted said company to see if they did co-branding. When they told me to take a hike, I went directly to the manufacturer instead.

They’re pretty cool: smooth on the inside, with a pleasing, rounded carve away pattern on the outside. They’re light, feel nice to handle, and hold about 10 ounces. And they’re pretty inexpensive, so that you can experiment a bit with neutral oils and general maintenance before committing to a nicer, uniquely hand made cup from Finland. (At least this is how I’m thinking about it.) Handwash with water immediately after use, and use with clear liquids that won’t go rancid.