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Speckled Ax

kayon nat

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Natural


This is a new crop, certified organic natural from Kayon Mountain Farm, in the Shakiso district of Guji.  We are very choosy when we cup and purchase dry processed coffees, and especially those from Ethiopia. Finding a fruity cup is pretty easy. Finding naturals that have clean (as opposed to pulpy or woody or overly fermented) fruit, and that aren’t clunky, takes quite a bit more work. We like our naturals to have great qualities beneath the process, along with acidity to help the fruit sing, and this one does. It has a chocolate base, a gamut of fruit flavors that tend towards purple and orange florals, and a balanced but mild citric acidity that ties everything together.

Location: Guji, Shakiso district
Elevation: 1900-2100 MASL
Varietal: indiginous varietals and selections
Process: dry processed on raised beds

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