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This washed coffee is certified organic and comes from the the western highlands of Guji.  Suke Quto is as much an idea as it is a washing station and farm.  Its owner, Tesfaye Bekele, who had worked in natural resource management for the government, recruited the local community’s help in rehabilitating a forest after a fire. They planted trees, and heirloom typica varietals beneath what would grow into a canopy, with the intention of creating an conservation-minded stream of income for the area. There are now 150 small-scale farmers and coffee harvesters who deliver coffee cherry to the washing station, where it is depulped, cleaned and dried on raised beds.

In the cup: the dry fragrance is floral and bright, and the coffee shows flavors of Meyer lemon, bergamot, stonefruit, tea and milk chocolate. It’s a weighty, balanced, clean, refreshing Ethiopia you can drink all day long.


Location: Guji

Elevation: 1900-2200 MASL

Varietal: heirloom

Process: extended wet fermentation, washed and dried on raised beds




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