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This honey processed coffee is certified organic and comes from the the western highlands of Guji.  Suke Quto is as much an idea as it is a washing station and farm.  Its owner, Tesfaye Bekele, who had worked in natural resource management for the government, recruited the local community’s help in rehabilitating a forest after a fire. They planted trees, along with heirloom typica varietals beneath what would grow into a canopy, with the intention of creating an conservation-minded stream of income for the area. There are now 150 small-scale farmers and coffee harvesters who deliver coffee cherry to the washing station, where it is depulped dried on raised beds.

While it can be helpful to think of honeys occupying a middle ground between washed and dry processing–cherries are depulped, but residual fruit mucilage is left on the parchment coffee while it dries–this particular honey process is more along the lines of a washed than a natural coffee. There is definitely some fruit here, but it is more in line with clean fruit flavors that tend toward sweet citrus fresh berries and mild stone fruits, as opposed to extremely ripe fruits of a fermented, pulpy type. There is also a pronounced floral component. It is an eminently sweet and clean cup–the type of coffee we have become accustomed to from Suke Quto.


Location: Guji

Elevation: 1900-2200 MASL

Varietal: heirloom

Process: pulped natural, dried on raised beds




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