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Speckled Ax

diamante pacas

El Salvador El Diamante Pacas


El Salvador was the first coffee producing country Speckled Ax ever visited (coming up on 8 years ago). We spent a few days in Santa Ana, but it was in the small and more remote department of Chalatenango, in the tiny country’s northwest, that we found the farms that were most intriguing to us. They were all smallholder farmers, preparing their own parchment with hand-cranked depulpers and drying their coffee on raised beds. The varietals were exclusively heirloom, with pacas–a bourbon mutation discovered in El Salvador around 1950–the most prevalent.

This coffee comes from Rodolfo Peneda and El Diamante, a small finca that sits at about 1900 meters. It’s a washed coffee, but the flavor profile is exceptionally fruity. Generally speaking, we stay away from Centrals that are so fruit-driven, being a little suspicious of the fermentation practices that would lead to such characterisics. But Mr. Peneda’s lots are consistent–perhaps the elevation keeps things cool and slows things down–and the coffee is not pulpy tasting. Rather, the red fruit is clean, and the acidity accents the fact. We think it’s a special coffee.

Producer: Rodolfo Huezo Pineda
Location: Santa Rosa, Chalatenango
Elevation: 1900 MASL
Varietal: pacas
Process: washed process, dried on raised beds




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