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Speckled Ax


Coffee and Cacao subscription

$36.00 / month

Coffee and chocolate have a lot in common: they are grown in many of the same places, the harvested fruit is fermented, they are roasted, and high quality examples exhibit attributes derived from both terroir and process. Best of all, they taste delicious, make you feel good, and go great together.

Each month we’ll send you a bag of the single origin coffee that we are digging most, and two–not one, but two!–bars of single origin chocolate from award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate makers from all over North America. The bars will usually be between 2-3 ounces, and retail in the ballpark of $7.50-12. We will be aiming to ship two very distinct chocolate flavor profiles in each box.

This order ships in the first week of each month (starting in January), and renews automatically thereafter. You can cancel your subscription at any time, of course.



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