Boom Chain #1


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Introducing a new blend! If Corduroy is our attempt to combine coffees we think play well together as espresso, Boom Chain is our new pursuit of tasty, loud, mostly fruit-forward coffees and combinations of coffees for filter brewing.
Some folks will tell you that blending—whether you’re talking coffee, or whisky, or wine, or another beverage—is an art form. And while it sounds a bit snooty to say it out loud, we get it. All of the blends in our lineup serve a particular purpose, with a general flavor profile that we try to keep consistent by blending different coffees over the course of the year. Taking this approach is a necessity, as green coffee is seasonal, with varying degrees of perishability. If you buy a years’ worth of beans for your blend in the hopes of keeping it perfectly consistent, come month 8, or 5, or sometimes even 3, the blend ends up dropping off in quality. Coffees age out, becoming woody or dirty in flavor, or sometimes just loses their pizzazz. And so we cup through coffee samples throughout the year in order to find fresh, sweet stock that serve the purposes we need them to.

Again, while our blending to this point has been purpose driven, with particular outcomes in mind, Boom Chain will be the opposite. We see it as an exercise in experimental bombast and awesomeness, combining mostly fruit-forward, sometimes uniquely processed, coffees with volume knobs that go to 11. Like Corduroy, Boom Chain iterations will come and go, but they will always offer a big, flavorful cup.

Boom Chain 1 is a 50/50 combination of Ethiopia Kayon Mountain natural—a regular in our stable over the years–and our washed Kenya Gatina AA, one of the better Kenyas we’ve encountered in recent memory. Combine the purple and black fruits of the Kayon Mountain with Gatina’s cranberry compote, and we think we’ve got a fun, vibrant and dynamic winner.
note on the series: in the days of long logging in Maine, loggers would use snowmelt and Maine’s extensive river system to float logs from the depths of the woods to civilizations and sawmills. At various stages of the river drive, as it was called, logs would need to be counted and sorted, as the property of numerous logging outfits mixed and mingled as the drive made its way south. This sorting was done at catch-alls called booms, which were themselves floating barriers comprised of logs, wood and chains extending across a water body. Boom Chain is our own seasonal “catch-all.”


Location: Ethiopia and Kenya

Elevation: 1700-2200 MASL

Varietal: Ethiopia landrace, SL-28 and SL-34

Process: natural and washed




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