Aerobie Aeropress



One of our favorite ways to brew coffee is with the Aerobie Aeropress. It’s simple, quick, and (almost) foolproof. There are myriad ways to use it, and it’s capable of making drinks that run the gamut of the coffee spectrum, from sturdy americano-like drinks to ultra-clean filtered coffee.   When you bring it with you camping and make a morning cup in the middle of the woods that tastes infinitely better than the one you bought at a place on the way to the trailhead, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. And the first hot summer day you make yourself a bright, floral cup of Yirgacheffe over ice, you’ll buy one for all your friends. (We use it at Speckled Ax for Japanese-style iced coffee as an alternative to our cold brew.)

Ours come with a little nylon travel bag, and every aeropress comes with hundreds of filters, which can be re-used multiple times, if you are so inclined. BPA free.