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peru pablo champi

Peru Pablo Champi


This is a new crop microlot coffee that we’re really excited about. Last year, I received a phone call from an individual who explained he had been living and working with a handful of coffee farmers in the highlands of Cusco, Peru, and asked if I’d be interested in what they were producing. I was skeptical, as Speckled Ax receives more of these kinds of inquiries than you might imagine, and the majority of them are dead ends. But we had a nice conversation, and I asked him to keep in touch. Long story short: he sent me another email this fall, with detailed information on the handful of lots he was importing, and they sounded pretty good. I got pre-ship samples, and was impressed. We ended up purchasing portions of two lots, and the entire production of peaberry–about a hundred pounds–from the farmers whose coffee he was bringing in.

This coffee is from a producer named Pablo Champi, who farms about six acres in the Saxsara Valley of La Convencion in Cusco. The farm is at an altitude of between 2300 and 2400 meters. This makes it one of the highest coffee farms in the world. I know of only one other that produces specialty coffee at this height. The sunlight as you might imagine is intense, and the nights are frigid.

And the coffee itself? Delightful. Most Peruvian coffee is cheap, kind of dry tasting and pretty mediocre. The best Perus often exhibit dense, dark sweetness–flavors like chocolate and plum–and this coffee has those. But it’s also crisp, with yellow and green notes on top, along with nuanced fruit in the mid-palate. It’s a crowd pleasing profile with lots of nuance for the geeks. And it’s pretty cool knowing the beans are some of the highest in the world.

Producer: Pablo Champi
Location: La Convencion, Cusco
Elevation: 23-2400 MASL
Varietal: red and yellow bourbon, typica
Process: washed, patio dried



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