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mikuba honey pea

Burundi Mikuba Honey Peaberry


This is a very special new crop Burundi from a group of producers from whom, if all goes well, we will be purchasing coffee on an ongoing basis. It’s extremely unique, in that it is 1. a honey process from east Africa, which is fairly rare in itself, and 2. it is comprised of peaberry, a mutation that occurs in about 5% of all coffee beans grown. (The beans–very small and round–are very cute.) Our first few roasts have shown it to be incredibly dynamic and nuanced, possessing all the attributes that you could hope for in a nice honey: beautiful tropical fruit notes that harken to the best natural processed coffees, but the cleanliness and clarity that you expect from washed coffees from east Africa. After brewing, while its still pretty hot, we get bright, crisp flavors like pineapple and cinnamon, and as it gets cooler it turns more purple–violets and plum and molasses. It’s pretty awesome. It doesn’t taste like something was done to the coffee, as can sometimes be the case with natural or honey processing.  Instead, it tastes like it was meant to be processed in exactly this way. It’s a harmonious combination of sweetness and acidity.

The producers–The Carlsons–are an American family who have been living in Burundi for close to a decade, and have been working with their neighbors to grow and process the best coffee possible. Coffee is grown by smallholders from various communities, or hills, in the area (our coffee, as you might guess, comes from Mikuba hill), and delivered to one of two washing stations that the Carlsons have built. The result is extremely high quality coffee and high prices provided to farmers in what is the poorest country in the world. You can read more about the Long Miles Coffee Project here.


Producer: small holders of Mikuba hill
Location: Kayanza province
Elevation: 1900 MASL
Varietal: bourbon
Process: honey processed; dried on raised beds; peaberry separated

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