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colombia gesha 2

Barrel #2–Colombia Gesha Bourbon Barrel Conditioned


Our second iteration of our barrel conditioned coffee is a special one indeed. The coffee itself is a gesha varietal grown at Granja La Esperanza’s Cerro Azul farm in Valle de Cauca. The owners of the farm are obsessed with quality (for example: mini weather stations on the farm that give them information about optimal harvest conditions). The farm plot itself was chosen for gesha because of its similar climactic conditions to the best farms in Panama, where their lead agronomist studied the intricacies of growing and processing the varietal for a season before planting the first gesha trees in his own country. The result is a coffee that has won lots of awards. Lots. Numerous wins and places in various barista and brewer’s cup competitions, 2nd place in SCAA’s coffee of the year competition, and a win in the Rainforest Alliance’s cupping for quality competition.

As for the coffee itself? Of course, our goal will be to use an extremely light touch with the bourbon barrel conditioning, so as not to overpower the delicate qualities that geshas are known for. (Notice the use of future tense: this roast will be our first. There are no test batches when you drop eight hundred dollars worth of green coffee into your drum.) Our experiments and small sample roasts have resulted in a really nice balance of delicate gesha florals and clean fruit reminiscent of the best washed coffees from Ethiopia, with an added boozy but restrained caramel and oak base from the bourbon barrel itself. And the coffee has seemed to evolve post-roast in interesting and tasty ways, as days stretch into a week.

Is a twelve ounce bag worth one of your hard earned fifty dollar bills? That’s for you to decide, but at twenty grams of coffee per 10 ounce cup, you should be able to make 16 good sized servings at a little over three bucks per.

We are roasting this coffee on Tuesday, April 18. Orders will be accepted until we sell out, at which time we’ll take the coffee off the site.


Producer: Granja La Esperanza, Cerro Azul plot
Location: Trujillo, Valle de Cauca
Elevation: 1700-2000 MASL
Varietal: gesha
Process: depulped without water, washed, mechanically dried





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