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Speckled Ax


Corduroy #1


This is a new project for us. We love our trusty and tasty blends, and we love offering seasonal single origin coffees. Corduroy is a wildcard.

This first iteration of Corduroy is a fresh bourbon-barrel conditioned blend of our Ethiopia Worka Gedeb and a high quality Kenya from the Kabiruini cooperative. We have aged a number of coffees in bourbon barrels before, and the result has often been a buttery booze bomb–the kind of coffee that gets people in trouble at the office. For this blend, we are using a lighter touch, adding some restrained bourbon character while also letting the inherent fruit of the two stellar washed east African coffees shine. The result is pretty sweet: plum, caramel, mango, strawberry, and toasty oak, along with the bright acidity you’d expect from washed coffees from Yirgacheffe and Nyeri.



“Corduroy” is a term for a stretch of road or path built with small logs that are set perpendicular to the direction of the road itself. In the Maine woods, these road sections were usually laid over low-lying swampy areas in order to access stands that would be cut in the winter. After these roads were covered with snow and ice, the logs were twitched, or skidded, out of the woods with horses to the banks of streams and rivers that would carry them down to the mills in the spring. Corduroy was never designed to be a permanent or lasting solution, but a way to provide temporary access into a new territory.

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