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Speckled Ax


Burundi Bubezi


This is the first coffee from Burundi that we’ve carried in a few years. The wet mill from which it originates is award-winning, having garnered multiple Cup of Excellence placements (including a 1st) in years past. The coffee itself has a really interesting and classy flavor combination. There’s definitely a brooding red fruit undertone that we usually associate with Burundi and Rwanda profiles, but it’s not a fruit-forward coffee. Instead, it’s a syrupy-bodied cup that tends toward dark, sweet flavors like molasses, root beer, licorice and black tea. But what’s also really cool about this coffee is a green/yellow hops-like component sitting on top of it all, making for a subtly complex profile and a well-balanced coffee that you want to drink all day long.

Producer: multiple smallholders
Location: Mpanga washing station, Kayanza Province
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Varietal: bourbon
Process: washed, dried on raised beds


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